Natalie’s story is more than just a historical/adventure/romance, it
is about being who you can be. It came about as I was emerging from
my cocoon, shaking off the falseness of my early life. Natalie was
originally my alternative personality in the on-line virtual world
‘Second Life’, yet she is not me, she is her own woman.

When the idea for writing Natalie’s story was conceived, I had only a
vague notion about my character and her situation, and no
understanding at all of what it takes to write a novel. I grew with
Natalie. As she learnt from her experiences, she taught me how to
share them. The story changed many times, and grew with my developing
abilities. Huge chunks, many chapters, were written then discarded,
and twice I published too soon.

By the time I wrote the final lines of ‘Lady In Waiting’, I knew that
Natalie had much more to tell – and so the second book became
essential. It is with a sense of great excitement that I watch ‘The
Other Side’ unfolding, the characters (real and imagined) taking
substance in the words on my computer screen, their lives tied to the
history that moulds but does not define their destinies.