Authors write books, right? So how is it that the book I am supposed to be writing is languishing while I am redesigning my website?

Marketing, that’s the reason. When you don’t have a publishing house working to promote your book, you have to do it yourself, using whatever facilities you can find. Having a website is good, because people can search the ether and find out all they want to know, like what the books are about, where they can buy them, and what other people have to say about them. And if, like me, the author belongs to GoodReads and/or Facebook and/or BookPulse, then links to those places are good too.

The trouble is that the basic web-building tools soon become inadequate, and the ambitious writer finds herself becoming frustrated with its limitations. And, one day recently, she decided that the only answer is to learn how to write in the language of websites – HTML – along with CSS, Java and loads of other stuff … not to mention figuring out how to use the editors and graphical building tools.

Then she discovers SEO – Search Engine Optimisation – the secret to getting as many hits as possible on the website.

So I am writing, maybe, two-or-three-hundred words a day into my latest book, instead of a thousand, and in between I am reading tutorials and fiddling with the new pages of the website. I am about halfway through, and you can see the joins, but I would love it if you would visit and give me some feedback. Pop over to and see what you think.

Love and hugs