At one time, all my books were self-published on Amazon, using their Createspace vehicle for paperbacks, and their KDP (Kindle Direct Publishing) outlet for e-books. It is easy to publish this way, as witness the millions of titles (good and bad and terrible) that find their way into print every year. It is a swamp.

It’s fair to say that my efforts have not set the literary world alight. That’s not a problem, and not Amazon’s fault. I am blaming no-one. I take full responsibility for my choice of genre, subjects and writing style. I write only what is in me, not what is popular in the moment, and my mind is the mind of an old woman, so it is little wonder that no-one is interested.

However, even if you search diligently, you will no longer find any of my titles available on any Amazon web-page (apart, perhaps, for an odd second-hand copy) and that, too, is my decision.

In 2018, Amazon wrote to all their authors, unilaterally changing the terms of their contract with us. I, in retaliation, unilaterally withdrew all my books from the Amazon platform. It was a wonderfully empowering decision. Instead, I invite everybody to visit my website … … where you can download free e-book copies of every one of my books.

Oh, the interweb is a wonderful place!