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Publish? Damned If I Will

A Song For Joey, Chit Chat, Natalie Tereshchenko Posted on Wed, July 24, 2019 17:38:48

At one time, all my books were self-published on Amazon, using their Createspace vehicle for paperbacks, and their KDP (Kindle Direct Publishing) outlet for e-books. It is easy to publish this way, as witness the millions of titles (good and bad and terrible) that find their way into print every year. It is a swamp.

It’s fair to say that my efforts have not set the literary world alight. That’s not a problem, and not Amazon’s fault. I am blaming no-one. I take full responsibility for my choice of genre, subjects and writing style. I write only what is in me, not what is popular in the moment, and my mind is the mind of an old woman, so it is little wonder that no-one is interested.

However, even if you search diligently, you will no longer find any of my titles available on any Amazon web-page (apart, perhaps, for an odd second-hand copy) and that, too, is my decision.

In 2018, Amazon wrote to all their authors, unilaterally changing the terms of their contract with us. I, in retaliation, unilaterally withdrew all my books from the Amazon platform. It was a wonderfully empowering decision. Instead, I invite everybody to visit my website … … where you can download free e-book copies of every one of my books.

Oh, the interweb is a wonderful place!

Today in 1918

Natalie Tereshchenko Posted on Wed, July 17, 2013 08:21:51

Today, July 17th, is the anniversary of the slaughter in 1918 of Tsar Nicholas II of Russia, his wife, the Empress Alexandra, and their four children, Maria, Tatiana, Anastasia and Aleksey, on the orders of the revolutionary leader Valdimir Ilyich Lenin. My book, ‘Natalie Tereshchenko – Lady In Waiting’ tells the story of the last months of the Russian monarchy, from the viewpoint of a servant in the royal household, as she follows them into exile, imprisonment and, ultimately, their murder.

Resentment against the Tsar had been building for years. His cruel suppression of the working classes and his disastrous military policies had left the country emaciated, and in February 1917 began the final acts of defiance by the citizens. Strikes and street demonstrations quickly turned into revolution, and the Tsar was forced to abdicate. It was the beginning of the end.

For several tense months, the family was held under guard in one of the royal palaces near Saint Petersburg, stoically believing that they would be rescued. Then they were taken into exile in the Ural mountains, where conditions slowly deteriorated further, and finally to the city of Yekaterinberg, where, in the early hours of July 18th, they were taken to a cellar and shot.

In an attempt to disguise their bodies, they were burnt, then thrown into a well. The servants who were with them were also killed, and, over the next few days, other members of the royal family were rounded up and murdered.

Some years later, a young woman gained fame following her claim to be Anastasia, the youngest daughter, alleging that she had survived the shooting. An investigation allegedly disproved her claim.

Read ‘Natalie Tereshchenko – Lady In Waiting’ to experience the last months of the Russian royal family first hand, as recounted by one of the servants who stayed with them to the end.

A Sequel is in hand

Natalie Tereshchenko Posted on Wed, May 29, 2013 23:06:30

Natalie’s story is more than just a historical/adventure/romance, it
is about being who you can be. It came about as I was emerging from
my cocoon, shaking off the falseness of my early life. Natalie was
originally my alternative personality in the on-line virtual world
‘Second Life’, yet she is not me, she is her own woman.

When the idea for writing Natalie’s story was conceived, I had only a
vague notion about my character and her situation, and no
understanding at all of what it takes to write a novel. I grew with
Natalie. As she learnt from her experiences, she taught me how to
share them. The story changed many times, and grew with my developing
abilities. Huge chunks, many chapters, were written then discarded,
and twice I published too soon.

By the time I wrote the final lines of ‘Lady In Waiting’, I knew that
Natalie had much more to tell – and so the second book became
essential. It is with a sense of great excitement that I watch ‘The
Other Side’ unfolding, the characters (real and imagined) taking
substance in the words on my computer screen, their lives tied to the
history that moulds but does not define their destinies.

Natalie Lives

Natalie Tereshchenko Posted on Sat, July 28, 2012 12:59:33

“I have not left, I am in another room …. “

Natalie was withdrawn from sale for a major rewrite, and has now emerged in a stunning new outfit, bigger, stronger, more sassy. New characters have been added, some of whom are to feature in the follow-up – oh yes, there’s lots more to tell – and new scenes have been added. Natalie herself has become more confident … she will need to be.

The new book is called ‘Natalie Tereshchenko – Lady In Waiting’ and has been released as an ebook on Kindle and Smashwords, and as a paperback on Amazon (see my homepage for links).